"On behalf of the recruitment team here at Golden Gate University, I would like to thank you for working with us last week and leading the telesales workshop. We all enjoyed the day and learned a great deal about how to improve our calls. I especially appreciated the way that you provided relevant examples and insight based on your own experience. Your interest in and passion for the subject matter really came through and inspired us."

Timothy Gaherty
Associate Director, Recruitment
Golden Gate University
San Francisco, California

"The Telephone Selling Skills training was great. The instructor was brilliant! His delivery and training style is top notch. He opened the training by asking everyone what their expectations were for the class. He hit all their expectations head on. The key pointers that benefited a lot of the reps were how to understand different personality types, understanding the customers needs and the FAB model.

I personally benefited from the FAB (Features, Advantages & Benefits) model because it allowed me to add on to what we already use in our Rising Star Sales Training Program. The reps that attended thought that the instructor gave them some great techniques to use when speaking with customers over the phone with such a short time span.

Thanks again the class was great! "

Michelle Y. Boudreaux
Training and Development Specialist
Houston Chronicle
Houston, Texas

"Whether you call it telemarketing training, telesales training, or Telephone Selling Skills, you have helped our sales staff learn and practice superior sales skills that have allowed us not only to increase our business and our sales revenue, but also enhanced our organizations enjoyment in doing so...

Brad Tashenberg, Jr.
Director of Public Relations
Bradmark Technologies, Inc.
Houston, Texas