Seminar Outline:

Despite recent economic slowdowns, consumer spending across The United States has continued to increase in various business sectors. Even business-to-business sales organizations have experienced increased sales numbers as organizations have continued to purchase products and services in a steady, yet smarter manner. Inbound call centers and telemarketing organizations have proven central to the success of countless companies, be they catalog-driven retail companies, desktop computer OEMs or other online companies that depend on telesales efforts to sell products to their customers. Inbound call centers and telemarketers face different sales processes and accelerated sales cycles compared to traditional outbound or face-to-face sales organizations. Oftentimes, sales opportunities are short lived and leads in a pipeline must be closed quickly before customers with short attention spans look elsewhere for valuable products and services. Our Inbound Telemarketing Selling Skills program focuses on the particular needs and sales environment unique to modern inbound telesales organizations.

The advantage of inbound telemarketing sales organizations is the ability to deal with normally qualified prospects that are often aware of a company’s particular product features or service capabilities. Conversely, these same organizations face sales processes that must be managed intelligently so as to quickly direct customers towards buying decisions and purchases. Our highly interactive Inbound Telemarketing Selling Skills seminar is designed to help inbound sales professionals focus on their distinct sales efforts via time-tested methodologies and processes that deliver results. Straightforward concepts are taught so as to equip sales professionals with the ability to increase their closing ratio while raising their average sale size. Multiple roleplays are used to test and apply skills in a safe learning environment. Immediate feedback is provided to all participants so as to allow modifications in sales processes, habits and other skills to improve personal performance. Instructor-led lectures and “chalk talks”, question and answer sessions and roundtable discussions all reinforce the absorption of key skills and tools.

Seminar Objectives:

Participants in the Inbound Telemarketing Selling Skills training seminar will experience/learn to:

  • Understand the unique sales situations they face in their roles
  • Focus on the accelerated sales cycles encountered via inbound telesales
  • Understand how to deal with complex sales requirements
  • Meet the needs of different buyer types and the interests they represent
  • Work with various personality types and their individual buying tendencies
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Recognize the factors that affect buyer behavior
  • Differentiate their products and services
  • Identify ways to increase revenue via targeted questions and needs analysis
  • Apply questioning skills to uncover areas of concern
  • Identify “hot buttons” and recognize verbal cues
  • Create and practice using Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements
  • Determine how personal habits can affect their ability to sell over the phone
  • Understand how to guide a conversation during the telesales process
  • Handle objections and indecisive customers
  • Ask for the sale

On-Site Telemarketing Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.

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