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Telemarketing Selling Skills for C-Level Accounts

Seasoned sales professionals will tell you that selling a product or service to executive level buyers provides challenging yet very rewarding opportunities. Dealing directly with CEOs, CIOs and other senior level executives can be quite difficult but often leads to sales and contracts that can make a sales rep s year. Telemarketing strategies that work when dealing with front line managers and other supervisors often fail miserably with executives as they expect direct and succinct sales pitches, quick turnarounds and unwavering follow-through from the sales reps who call on them. It is these different approaches and strategies that must be utilized by Telemarketing reps who wish to succeed when selling into C-level accounts. Our Telemarketing Selling Skills for C-Level Accounts workshop places executive level considerations into the heart of the selling process and provides Telemarketing reps with those tools required to tackle large accounts and multi-million dollar sales. 

Telemarketing Selling Skills for C-Level Accounts is a highly interactive two-day workshop designed to teach proven skills to promote executive level sales and profitability through an increased understanding of the C-level sales process. The main focus of this telesales-focused program is to uncover hidden needs and requirements in order to sell best-of-breed products and services while lowering sales related expenses and improving margins. Participants learn new Telemarketing skills via multiple interactive role plays that enable participants to master sales skills they can implement in their accounts. Instructor-driven feedback and roundtable discussions enable participants to provide constructive suggestions to improve the Telemarketing process. Planning activities are utilized throughout both days to enable participants to build action plans to increase sales activities in personal C-level accounts.

Telemarketing Selling Skills for C-Level Accounts participants will learn to:

  • Understand the unique needs and requirements of executive buyers
  • Utilize telesales strategies to improve personal sales skills and activities
  • Focus on the advantage of long-term value and service over lower cost solutions
  • Understand how regulatory, legal and shareholder pressures affect executives
  • Work with the needs of different buyer who report to executives
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry during the telesales process
  • Quantify and explain costs that may be incurred subsequent to a purchase
  • Apply consultative sales skills to determine attitudes, situations and priorities
  • Adjust their telesales approach based on executive buyer behavior
  • Identify problem areas and potential solutions
  • Use Telemarketing skills to uncover value bundling opportunities
  • Create personal Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements 
  • Develop an advantage over other competitors calling on executives
  • Utilize internal senior management and executives to win deals
  • Assess personal telesales selling performance during the Telemarketing process
  • Understand all components of the Telephone Selling Process
  • Cold call on executive buyers
  • Get past gatekeepers and non-executive buyers to reach decision makers
  • Handle sales objections 
  • Close a higher percentage of their executive level opportunities

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