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Telemarketing Skills for the Software Industry

When the bubble burst in April of 2001, dozens of software companies felt the immediate and painful impact of what would soon become a tough economic time for the software industry. Major players and smaller start-ups in Silicon Valley, Chicago, Boston and other technology centers across the country were faced with the reality of decreased sales numbers and smaller IT spending budgets. Smart software sales organizations shifted their sales efforts towards telesales and telemarketing to drive down operating expenses while increasing margin and call volume. Given that the software industry has had to face a whole host of industry-specific sales issues, telesales and telemarketing training programs must take into account the needs of software OEMs, VARs and other related companies. Our Telesales Skills for the Software Industry training program is focused on providing the key telemarketing selling skills that are required to succeed in today s tough yet very rewarding industry environment.

Based on applying a consultative selling approach to the telemarketing environment, our Telesales Skills for the Software Industry workshop provides key strategies and proven methodologies to increase sales for software sales reps. Key to the learning process is an in-depth analysis of customer buyer types and behavior and their effect on the teleselling process. Time is also spent on the sales process and how to guide telemarketing calls towards appropriate product and service recommendations and solutions. Cold calling and closing techniques are also covered throughout the workshop. This highly interactive course provides telemarketing reps with numerous opportunities to put learned skills into use via role plays, group exercises, activities, questions and answer sessions and lectures. These opportunities are designed to increase knowledge transfer of telemarketing skills and immediately put newly acquired skills to use in the workplace. With these skills in hand, telemarketing reps will be able to focus on making numbers and reaching club.

Telesales Skills for the Software Industry participants will learn to:

  • Understand the unique challenges and opportunities found in software sales
  • Utilize telemarketing strategies to drive call volume and increase closing ratios
  • Focus on the advantage of long-term product value over low cost solutions
  • Understand how to deal with different sales structures
  • Work with the needs of different buyer types within a company
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Quantify maintenance costs that may be incurred subsequent to purchase
  • Bundle software products and services to increase customer value
  • Apply questioning skills to determine buyer attitudes, situations and priorities
  • Adjust their telemarketing approach based on buyer behavior
  • Identify problem areas and potential solutions
  • Create personal Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements
  • Develop an advantage over other software companies and products
  • Assess personal telemarketing selling performance following each call
  • Understand the Telephone Selling Process
  • Cold call and follow up on warm leads from tradeshows and sales campaigns 
  • Get past gatekeepers to decision makers
  • Handle sales objections and close the sale

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