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We offer our Public Telesales Training Courses and our Public Telemarketing Seminars in a standard in-house format or we can customize complete phone sales training programs for your employees and your specific organization. Minor customization is included at no cost to you.  Public courses are regularly scheduled across the United States and are available in cities like Houston, Miami, Denver, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Telemarketing Training

Our Telemarketing Courses and In House Sales and Telemarketing Workshops are effective, educational, measurable and driven by the bottom line. Financial, manufacturing, software, insurance, biotech, entertainment, advertising, consumer and other sales reps can all benefits from the skills taught in our seminars.

About Us

The Telemarketing Training Institute provides customized telemarketing training seminars to companies and individuals across the US to help sales organizations become more productive in their communication with their prospects, or customers. Through the implementation of our telemarketing sales systems, we help your sales and customer service staff to increase top line revenue while lowering costs and increasing margins. We will help you to accomplish these goals by aiding you in building a Strategic Sales Organization while integrating and strengthening your identification of strategic sales telemarketing management opportunities and directing those insights into an in depth analysis of your sales forces alignment with your customer’s procurement process. All of this either at your site or via one of our public open enrollment training seminars. For additional questions on our Public or Private Telemarketing Training Courses please call or email us.

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With 200 employees and certified partners, we can improve employee productivity, increase sales and management effectiveness, and to help you increase profitability while reducing costs.

Our telemarketing training is customized for your company's unique products and services. We will help your sales people develop confidence when delivering a one on one phone sales presentation by having them practice and learn both delivery techniques which include tone, pace, and pitch and the correct words to use to get your prospects attention, NLP techniques that are based on state of the art sales telemarketing strategies and proven sales processes.

Our employees and certified partners are distributed across the Americas, EMEA, Russia and Asia, enabling us to deliver training in multiple geographies, languages and cultures. Services are delivered in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, German, French and Mandarin.
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  • 6 of the 10 with the highest market cap
  • 16 of the top 20 with the highest revenues
  • 9 of the top 10 chemical companies
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  • 6 of the top 10 telecommunications companies
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Contact us today to discuss your specific telemarketing training needs or to sign up for one of our public seminars. If you are looking for more than just telemarketing training consider our partner company Sales Training America.