We offer phone based sales training seminars in a private in-house format at the location of the customers choice. Public courses are also regularly scheduled as well across the United States and are available in Wisconsin cities like Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay.

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Consultative Telemarketing Skills Seminar

Today s sophisticated sales representative realizes that the good old days of jet setting across the country to customer accounts are long gone. Just as unlimited expense accounts and the two martini lunch have disappeared from the business world, so have the days of conducting all business transactions in a face-to-face environment. Smart sales reps have learned to modify their sales habits to pull customers towards the sale while utilizing the telephone to focus on their sales efforts. Customers now expect company representatives to function not only as sales reps but also as consultants, providing value added solutions to the problems and issues they face. Major sales transactions are now managed via the telephone as consultative telephone sales reps have come to dominate the sales landscape. The ability of seasoned sales reps, old school account executives and new telephone sales reps to adjust to this new landscape is the focus of our Consultative Telemarketing Skills Seminar.

Our highly interactive Consultative Telemarketing Skills Seminar is designed to help sales professionals from nearly every company and sales organization with the methodology and mindset to thrive in today s new sales environment. By practicing and implementing the central concepts taught in our class, sales representatives will find that sales processes can be controlled more effectively and that sales cycles can be shortened. Lessons on customer types, the particular interests they represent, their influence in an organization and how they buy all dovetail with discussions on behavioral and communication styles. Participants can learn how to work with different behavioral styles so as to establish rapport and build long-term relationships with customers. A series of interactive exercises, videotaped role-plays, peer-driven discussion sessions and instructor-led lectures all reinforce the learning process. Immediate feedback allows habits and behaviors to be modified and improved. Sales tools, methodologies and valuable program materials enable participants to realize a quick return on their investment by driving immediate results on the phone and on the job. 

By attending this Consultative Telemarketing Skills Seminar, participants will learn to:

  • Focus on the consultative approach to selling
  • Understand how to deal with complex sales structures
  • Meet the needs of different buyer types and the interests they represent
  • Quantify post-sale costs so as to differentiate products and services
  • Identify ways to increase post-sale revenue via value-added products or services
  • Apply consultative questioning skills to uncover interests and areas of concern
  • Identify hot buttons and recognize verbal cues
  • Create and practice using Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements
  • Differentiate their product or service from their competition
  • Determine how personal sales habits affect their ability to sell over the phone
  • Understand how to set direction and drive the telephone sales process 
  • Recognize the factors that affect buyer behavior
  • Cold call, get past gatekeepers and schedule appointments
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Handle objections and close the sale

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