We offer phone based sales training seminars in a private in-house format at the location of the customers choice. Public courses are also regularly scheduled as well across the United States and are available in Colorado cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Pueblo.

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Outbound Telemarketing Selling Skills 

Outbound telemarketing organizations face a complex set of factors that can affect their ability to successfully promote their products and services to their potential client base. Sales organizations that focus their efforts on consumers have had to deal with recent legislation enacting no-call lists on both a state and federal level. Business-to-business sales organizations must face the increased use of voice mail, labyrinth-like automated answering systems and overprotective gatekeepers that prevent telesales reps from even speaking to the right person. These challenges require outbound sales organizations to think through the sales process and make appropriate adjustments that will increase their chances of success each and every time a customer is reached. Our Outbound Telemarketing Selling Skills training program takes into account these particular challenges while equipping participants with the skills necessary to overcome obstacles to sales success.

Outbound telemarketers and other telesales professionals have little choice but to hone their skills in today s business environment. Old-fashioned fill in the blank script-readers need not apply at high-performance telesales organizations. Today s organizations require savvy telemarketing professionals able to deal with difficult situations during often short and pressure-sensitive sales calls. Our fast-paced yet highly interactive Outbound Telemarketing Selling Skills Seminar is designed to help outbound sales professionals focus on ways to succeed via proven sales processes and telesales tools that deliver improved results. Simple yet effective sales theories are central to this program and are taught in an environment that enables sales professionals to reach customers, increase closing ratios, raise average sale size and improve performance numbers. Various interactive role-plays are used to utilize skills in the participant-driven learning environment. Instructor feedback is provided to all participants so as to allow changes in sales process, habits and other skills to affect sales numbers. Lectures, comprehensive materials and roundtable discussions all function to improve participant success. 

By attending Outbound Telemarketing Selling Skills, participants will learn to:

  • Understand the unique sales situations they face in their roles
  • Focus on the accelerated sales cycles encountered via outbound telesales
  • Understand how to deal with customer objections
  • Deal with difficult customers and situations
  • Meet the needs of different buyer types and the interests they represent
  • Work with various personality types and their individual buying tendencies
  • Establish rapport and build chemistry
  • Recognize the factors that affect buyer behavior
  • Differentiate their products and services
  • Identify ways to increase revenue via targeted questions and needs analysis
  • Identify hot buttons , stress areas and verbal cues
  • Create and practice using Feature, Advantage, Benefit statements
  • Understand how to guide a conversation during the telesales process
  • Get past gatekeepers to speak to decision makers
  • Cold call to increase their pipeline
  • Handle objections and indecisive customers
  • Close more effectively

The instructor kept the class exciting and fun! The role play was great.

Sandra Fischer
Player Development Manager
Ameristar Casinos, Inc.
Blackhawk, Colorado

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